Our Approach

We pride ourselves in providing you with a customised package for your needs or those of your enterprise, equipping your most valuable assets, your employees. Being attentive to your specific requirements, we match professionals and organisations with an expert. Our team of experts are recruited based on their contributions to the delivery of sessions but also their aptitudes as educators.

Our Story

Empoweriser, stemming from Origin Tutors is a company passionate about the learning and development of individuals which also extends to the organisation in which they work. We acknowledge that having the appropriate qualifications and experience provides professionals with excellent opportunities seeing to their growth and the company’s growth simultaneously. We are strong believers that this needs to be coupled with tailored Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as we are living in a society that may be knowledge rich but skills poor.

Our services cater for jobseekers with the appropriate criteria on the jobs market struggling with recruitment processes; for employees transitioning into new teams, jobs, and companies; and evidently for professional across the board as skills are increasingly in high depend. Empoweriser focuses on many skills including but not limited to interpersonal, communication, team work, management, language, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Our team is constantly undergoing expansion so feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in joining our organisation and we will further explain the concept of Empoweriser and guide you through the initial screening process.

We differentiate ourselves from other education facilitators given our expert guidance, structured development process including an online learning & development platform, tangible implementations you can apply to your everyday work with measurable and visible improvements,  a motivational environment suited to your pace, regular feedback, and the key to unlocking untapped potential in individuals. We strive to enhance strengths and work on weaknesses. We value our experts’ attention to detail regarding observation and feedback. This is pivotable in identifying focus areas for CPD; monitoring progress; and when this concerns group sessions honing in on the skillset of the group, to foster an even stronger sense of collaboration and team-work. Teams are recruited for based on compatibility and how their skills can compliment each other, our sessions can highlight an individual’s key place in an organisation and how they can ‘empowerise’ others around them and their projects.

Skills are applicable to many business areas and avenues of life, it’s important that we continue to focus on these for our development professionally, personally, and socially; these areas being very much linked with one another.

Meet The Team

The company comprises of experts from a wealth of fields who focus on the delivery of courses and workshops aimed at equipping today’s workforce with the necessary tools which they are lacking opposed to knowledge which is easier to access.

Dr. Gurusharan Singh

Founder & CEO

Sumit Kour Wadhwa

Accounting Assistant

Caitriona O’Farrell


Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about how we can collaborate with you and/or your organisation.