Entrepreneurship Courses

You have the entrepreneurial spirit, but the question is where to start? Our courses can assist you with the initial phases of your start up, working as a sole trader or creating your own limited company. The bureaucracy technicalities of setting up and getting started can be daunting, our courses are designed to clarify these steps and to make the process as comprehensive as possible for you and/or your business partner(s).

Professional Development Courses

Empoweriser identifies with the skills driven world in which we live in today and our needs as individuals for continuous professional development. We believe that our team of professionals here at Empoweriser can equip companies and their most valuable assets, their employees with the applicable tools they need. We focus on understanding the needs of participants of our training, and consequently develop the best tailored package for them. This is achieved via our experienced team and our unique use of user-friendly digital technology.

Soft Skills Courses

Soft Skills are now integral part of our work and of our condition as human beings. We offer tailored courses to master you in communicating with different stakeholders and prepare you to tackle difficult situations including conflicts in the workplace. These sessions can focus on oral communication or written communication or a mix of both based on your needs.